FastComet vs. ChemiCloud Hosting – Which One Is Best?

FastComet vs ChemiCloud

In today’s world, the internet is everything for us. Most of the start-ups, services, and businesses use the internet to grow and make new opportunities. Hence hosting services have a huge demand since all companies need their website.

Being the two best host providers of the top hosting list, FastComet and ChemiCloud are almost identical in hosting services. Many people wonder about which one is better-FastComet vs. ChemiCloud Hosting. Both companies have secured a pretty reliable position among customers over all these years.

Each of these two has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore you must choose any one based on your requirements.

FastComet vs. ChemiCloud

FastComet is an organization based in San Francisco, California. Started in 2009, it first launched a cloud hosting solution that attracted a lot of audience and business people. Hence the company took off. They launched 8 data centers on 3 different continents. FastComet provides support services like email support, forum support, live chat, phone support, video guides, and many more.

FastComet vs ChemiCloud

There are several FastComet Coupons as well that you can copy from and earn some exclusive discount on your invoices.

ChemiCloud is an American web hosting organization set up in 2016. They sell various services like cloud shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud VPS, domain services, and many more.

Top Features Offered By Both Hosts

Free Domain Transfers.

ChemiCloud offers free domains for a lifetime. You can register a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name, all for free. They’ll even renew the domain for free until your hosting service expires.

ChemiCloud doesn’t provide free domain services. They used to have this in their list of services, but now they removed it. Instead, they provide free inbound domain transfer.

For ChemiCloud, you’re provided with unlimited hosting above $3. Total storage of 15GB to 35 GB SSD is offered. You get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email account setups. You get free to encrypt SSL documents and the facility of daily backups. The Softculous Installer or the Extra-Cost Weebly Website Builder helps you design your website for professional reasons without learning any of the fundamentals of web development.

For FastComet, they have excellent uptime. This means that they can make the hosted site accessible from anywhere globally and at any time. They only had around 15 minutes of downtime for over 6 months. Hence the uptime comes up to 99.99%. They support CMS over WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop. They provide a total disk space of around 15GB-35GB SSD. You can gain access to unlimited accounts of email services.

They have an unlimited database in MySQL, and their supported languages are Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails. They have plans based on monthly, annually, biennially, and triennially. Therefore you get a large number of choices here. They have excellent speed as well as support services. The faster the website, the better are the conversion rates, hence more in the SEO and customer satisfaction. Websites that lack speed get bad SEO results and end-users.

Data Centres

ChemiCloud has worldwide servers in over 7 locations across the globe- In Dallas (USA), London (United Kingdom), Sydney (Australia), Frankfurt (Germany), Bucharest (Romania), Singapore, Bangalore (India).

FastComet Data Centers

FastComet has 11 data centers across the world- Chicago (USA), Newark (USA), Dallas (USA), Toronto (Canada), London (United Kingdom), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), Mumbai (India), Tokyo (Japan) and Singapore.

Site Migrations

ChemiCloud offers free unlimited site migration on every plan it has. They have highly qualified experts who help in the process without any hassle.

In the case of FastComet, the total number of free migrations depends on the various subscriptions they support. The higher the subscription, the more will be the free site migration.

Add-ons and Resources

From ChemiCloud, you also get Cloud Railgun optimization for free. This offers a lesser response time and faster server. They also offer different hosting plans as well as reseller plans. Hence it is easier to maintain more than 1 website without the tension of server management.

FastComet offers a lot of add-ons and resources. They come with free spam experts. Spam experts prevent the incoming of useless emails so that important stuff doesn’t get lost. They have developed the RocketBooster Caching Mechanism. Henceforth their site performances have improved a lot since then. The GlobalSign Private SSL, an SEO suite, a free client chat, and $75 worth of ad money is free for FastComet customers.

Management and Services

FastComet has a dedicated plan for their resource management. Their site codes go through various manual code checks to prevent the slowing down of domain names. The advanced isolation technique enhances security, increasing the performance. The data stored always go through regular backups. You can easily access the backups with the help of cPanel. They don’t have the Cloudflare Railgun Optimization, which increases 20% of their server speeds. Their marketing strategies are pretty misleading.

ChemiCloud charges extra for email protection services.ChemiCloud uses LiteSpeed Web Server. So all the cached data gets through the LiteSpeed Caching plugin for WordPress users. You cannot get GlobalSign Private SSL for free on ChemiCloud. You’ll be charged around $69 per year. They only have 4 years of experience in the market.

Hosting Packages

The most integral part of FastComet is the security they provide. Their servers are based on the Web Application Firewall (WAP). It is optimized to attract the most popular content management systems such as Magento, WordPress, Joomla, etc. The list also includes BitNinja, which prevents Script injection attacks, DDoS, and XSS attacks. They provide advanced tools for developers such as WP-CLI, Bash, Drush, Laravel, Genesis, and Symphony, along with pre-installed GIT across all shared plans.

FastComet Hosting Plans

ChemiCloud hardly provides any such packages. You’ll get the service but not extras. The only featured thing they offer is SiteLock for extra security. The downside of that is you need to pay more for the detection of site breaches and hacks.


Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of both. Both companies are better than each other. Your selection should depend on the fact that what your requirement is. Hence choose wisely from both hosts.

If you want maximum data locations, free spam experts, or the advanced developer tools, go for FastComet. If you want free domains for a lifetime, go for ChemiCloud.

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